Our environmental commitment

We have always regarded it as one of the fundamental tasks for us to be ever thoughtful of environment and conduct eco-friendly business.

Well before entering the 21st century, the century of environment, we started fostering an appropriate working environment with emphasis on the relation between logistic business and natural surroundings in which every single person working within UTL group takes good care of the environment while eliminating waste and pollution, and addresses the issues of resource saving, nature conservation and environmental practice in his or her day-to-day work.

Nowadays, we recognize again that we are living in the era where, with accelerating global warming and worsening air pollution coupled with the rapid changes in geographic demands for resources and energy as background factors, due consideration for the balance between business and environment is called for more than ever. Based on this recognition, we have stepped up its approach to environmental issues and been making comprehensive efforts to promote, on top of individual activities rooted to his or her consciousness as a member of UT Logistics as well as local and global community, an extensive environmental management program, green logistics integral with transportation department and awareness-raising activities through environmental education.

Environmentally friendly facilities

The UTL Group promotes environmentally friendly facilities by using solar panels, high insulation, and well water. We are also actively introducing ceiling fans, which are more energy - efficient than air conditioning, solar panels, and LED lighting in our warehouses.

Nagareyama Dai-san(No.3)Center
(GLP ALFALINK Nagareyama2)

  • ・Earned LEED certification(Gold Level)
  • ・Install Solar panels
  • ・LED lighting in all buildings
  • ・Utilizing well water
  • ・High insulation materials

Nagareyama Dai-hachi(No.8)Center
(GLP ALFALINK Nagareyama8)

  • ・Earned LEED certification(Gold Level)

Atsugi Center
(Landport Atsugi Aikawa-cho)

  • ・Solar panels

Ichikawa-shiohama Center
(Ichikawa Chidori-cho Logistics Center)

  • ・Earned CASBEE A Rank
  • ・Install Solar panels
  • ・Ceiling fan in warehouse
  • ・LED lighting in all buildings

Solar panels

We have installed solar panels on the roof of warehouse for using renewable energy and reducing the cost of electricity consumption.
To ensure that the safety of neighboring residents and employees is not threatened in cace of disasters, typhoons and earthquakes, the panels are installed after strength calculations for wind pressure loads and seismic loads are performed in accordance with laws and regulations.

Solar panels on the roof of Atsugi Center

Hybrid vehicles

We have introduced hybrid vehicles for company cars and delivery trucks of group companies to reduce gasoline consumption.
Compared to FY2020 and FY2021, Gasoline consumption of company cars at the head office was reduced by approx. 14%.
Gasoline use by delivery trucks has been reduced by almost 18% by replacement with hybrid cars.
(We are also using public transportation and proactively using online meetings to reduce the frequency of using company cars).

Reduce disposal materials(Improve the recycling rate)

In order to improve the recycling rate of disposal materials, we are thoroughly separating at our head office and warehouses. To packaging materials separating cardboard and stretch film used as packaging materials, we also separate in the course of our business operations.

Containers for garbage separation installed in the warehouse

Recycling old uniforms

We collect and recycle uniforms provided to employees in our warehouse. The old uniforms are recycl ing at a contractor's plant into automobile manufacturing components (interior materials) and raw materials for new clothing.

Documents paperless

We are working to make various internal applications and documents paperless for the two purposes of improving operational efficiency and protecting the environment.


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