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By storing your documents and files at our MLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation)-certified document storage facilities, you can not only save your precious office space but also save money, time and worry.

Our exclusive offsite document storage facilities feature quake-resistant and fire-proof structure with 24-hour security cameras, alarm systems and complete fire protection systems. At the locations in Ibaraki and Tokyo, dedicated staff members from UTL group take care of the customer’s valuable information asset throughout the whole process from collection, storage, delivery to disposal.

Principal services UTL Group Offsite Document Storage Service provides are:

On-the-web process management

On-the-web process management

‘Wish Logi’, our self-developed on-the-web process management system, makes paperless operation possible on the customer’s own PC for delivery and collection arrangement, inventory inquiries and directions for disposal.

Secure destruction and disposal

You can count on us as well when it comes to destruction and disposal of out-of-date documents. Our ISO14001-registered partner contractor dissolves them in the same package as they are stored.

Collection and delivery

Hikari Lines Corporation provides fine-tuned, speedy collection and delivery service. Orders received before 3PM will be completed in the next morning and, for rush orders, extra service will be arranged to ensure collection/delivery of required material to/from the place whenever needed.

Collection and delivery

Height-adjustable truck for document collection and delivery

Other related services

  • Imaging from paper to digital filing methods such as CD-ROM
  • document/information retrieval and scan-on-demand service6

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