Real Estate Agency Business

We utilize our knowledge and information network, we have successfully catered to the customers’ needs for lease, sublease, buying and selling, and development of logistic facilities such as warehouses and distribution centers.

Consequently, although we are not a full-time real estate agency, the dual advantages from our very existence as a player in logistic business have helped us earn the customers’ longstanding trust:

Comprehension of customers’ needs

We are engaged in all aspects of logistic operation from our primary business of warehousing to logistic process/services, inventory control and delivery services. It helps us understand from professional viewpoint what kind of real estate or lease contract the customers are looking for, and make a favorable proposal they cannot ignore.

Network, know-how and data

Utilizing all of our business network and know-how in siting and management of logistic facilities coupled with the abundant data of available property, we are well-positioned to make a practical and attractive proposal.

If you are looking for real estate or facilities for your ongoing or possible logistic operation in Japan, please contact our real estate specialist at 03-3258-1276.

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