Information Technology Services

In the field logistics each industry and each single type of merchandise requires the IT solutions best-suited to the characteristics of respective business field and type of product. It is, however, not always possible for a company to build a computer system solely designed for their individual logistic needs and product. That’s where our IT Service Team comes in to realize the customers’ needs with the most-effective solutions in both software and hardware aspects:

  • Interactive information control and data processing
  • Business processing via internet and/or RF system
  • Operation of information control system
  • PC-aided process management

Bottom-up system formulation

It is essential that the IT engineers be well-versed in what is actually happening in the warehouse and on its floor. The staff members on our IT Service Team all have work experience at a distribution center, which contribute intimately to building a practical and user-friendly system.

Comprehensive IT Services

Backed by the computer system securely protected from disasters and accidents, we deal with specific needs including the following of each customer through our unique method and system:

  • Direct computer communication with customers and locations
  • Comprehensive processing services by means of inbound/outbound and inventory control system with multiple functions
  • Reporting and analysis service such as inventory status and merchandise turnove

Also available are calculation analysis service and development of value-added network that derive from our hands-on operation of logistic database.

Crisis-management framework

In preparation for disasters and accidents, our host computer is housed in a contract data center built on the firm ground in Shinagawa in Tokyo, with earthquake-resistance strength against up to level 7.5 on the Japanese earth quake scale. If electricity supply to the center is disrupted for whatever reason, its private electrical power facility will keep the system 100% operative independently for maximum 10 days.

In case of any emergency staff members of our IT Service Team are available 24/7 through mobile phones and PCs.

Furthermore, we have adopted a system structure with dual host computers and Web servers in addition to duplex communication lines and power sources:

  • The host computer is in hot standby and, in case of machine trouble or failure, operation will resume by the standby machine within one hour.
  • The Web server will be restored within 30 minutes after occurrence of any event.

Hardware maintenance

Under our thorough and constant monitoring, management and maintenance of our computer equipment including host computers and WEB servers are entrusted to a proven, experienced data center in order to ensure safe and accurate operation.

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